> Cityscapes Of India. Black & White

Photographs of city life in India. All pictures have been shot in black & white film, unless otherwise specified.

Gateway Of India
Gateway Of India: An Angular View
Gateway Of India: A View From Inside
Gateway Of India: The Ceiling
Gateway Of India: Detail At The Base
Gateway Of India: A Detail
Crawford Market: The Roof
Crawford Market: The Entrance To The Market
Crawford Market: Man's Best Friend
Crawford Market: An Old Man
Crawford Market: The Labourer
Crawford Market: The Merchant
Bassein Fort: The Main Entrance
Bassein Fort: Fort against The Sky
Bassein Fort: Window
Bassein Fort: Columns
Bassein Fort: Shadow On The Ground
Bassein Fort: Arches
Bassein Fort: The Wall
Bassein Village: Fishing Boats
Bassein Village: Little Boy On The Boat
Bassein Village: Middle Aged Man. What We All Become
Bassein Village: Cleaning Fish
Bassein Village: Drying Nets
Bassein Village: Drying Fish
Bassein Village: Littleboy
Roof Against The Sky
Temple Courtyard
More Details!!
Temple. Against The Village Sky
Borivali National Park: Water Pump
Borivali National Park:Temple Top
Borivali National Park: A Buddha
Borivali National Park: Steps
Borivali National Park: Daily Chores
Borivali National Park: Temple Bell
Bassein Fort: The Wall. From the Outside
Crawford Market: The Old Lady